Prestige Learning Institute

Most refugees are faced with the challenge of having to navigate through life in Houston while not being able to speak English when they first arrive. Understanding and speaking English is one of the biggest priorities to work and support themselves. The Prestige Learning Institute offers language and conversation classes for women and men.

  Current Needs: 

  • ·        Leaders Teachers & Classroom helpers
  • ·         Male Mentors


The Refugee Project: Empowering Women with Opportunity

The Refugee Project works with women from all over the globe, bringing them together and allowing them to meet with other refugees who have similar circumstances. This community of artisans, is made up of mothers, sisters and friends all with the desire to provide for their families and thrive in America


Current Needs: 

  • Supplies including knitting and crochet yarn, thread, and knitting needles

  • Hosting a Home Party tp share the story of refugee women and support them by shopping for beautiful products

  • Volunteers to work with the women at the Refugee Project



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