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Coming to a new country without speaking the language or knowing anyone suddenly makes simple daily tasks daunting and overwhelming. What’s needed are friends to help with the transition.

The first month is a critically important time once refugees arrive. Does the family have food? Do they know where to shop? Do they know how to use their appliances? Do they know how to get around? Welcome teams act as the support system for the family to help ensure they have what they need. They are the advocates. Often times, they’re the only people that the refugee family knows. They connect the family with resources, and they teach the family how to adapt to life in Houston.

Welcome teams work best in a group context, so the responsibility of meeting the family’s immediate needs can be shared. The vision is that these relationships would be long-term, so a six month commitment is required. The focus is on helping the family navigate through daily life, building lasting friendships, and caring for the refugee in an extravagant way!


• Have a group of 4-10 people.
• Be ready to commit to one family for a minimum of six months.
• In the first 4-6 weeks, be prepared for people within your group to visit the family 2-3 times per week.

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